5 million Australians can’t afford their first house, 2/3 property investors lose money. With his Positive Property Blueprint formula, George Markoski comes out of retirement aspiring to create 500 millionaire property investors.

Hi George, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My parents immigrated from Macedonia and I was born in Adelaide.  When I went to school I didn’t even know how to speak English and I had to learn from scratch. I know it was up to myself to improve my situation.

I got introduced into the field of entrepreneurship when I was fairly young. I was delivering newspapers and getting paid 2.5 cents per delivery. I recruited more people from schools and ended up with a whole delivery team earning quite decent money for an 8 year old.

When I finished year 12, I got a part time job selling teddy bears. I sold one to an art dealer who then wanted me to join his company. I thought it would be a great opportunity so I ended up going to Sydney working hard helping young artists showcase their work. We were selling door to door around 100-200 paintings per week.

Unfortunately after 2 years of hard work I lost everything since my business partner took all the money.
After 2 years of hard work and your venture came crumbling down, a lot of people would give up. What inspired you to keep going?

It was very hard because when put all your effort into building something and it all disappears, you are in a negative position financially and emotionally. I knew that I am a leader and getting a normal job won’t work for me.

When you are an entrepreneur you work a lot harder and even make less at the beginning but you get the satisfaction of making something yourself. Whereas if you work for others the task remains the same but it won’t grow as much. I believe in controlling my destiny and big vision and goals really give people the energy to get through activities and help get you where you want to be.

I came back home depressed and luckily my girlfriend at the time got me involved with real estate.

George and Christina presenting property work shop


Did you get straight into real estate investing or doing something else on the side as well?

I brought my first property in 1997 100-year- old bluestone villa located only five minutes from the city. I purchased it for $178,000. Today it is worth $750,000.

I got my real-estate license and start doing a lot of sales jobs then worked for another sales company in Sydney. I did a job for a big company and motivated their staff. I realised I could do a better job at marketing myself so I decided to started my own company ‘Results Marketing’.

With my job I had guess I had it pretty good, I had a stable income and a company car. But deep down I knew it was holding me back from achieving something greater.

After quitting I had no car and had to run my business from home while lined up at the post office to send fax since there was no email back then. Some weekends I had to send 20,000 marketing items out. I’m not going to lie it was tough, but I knew I was working towards something great.

92.1 % of Australia are still stuck in  the rat race and don’t invest to property, and out of the 3 people invest in property, 2/3rds don’t do it right and actually lose money, only 1/3rd have a positive cash flow property.

At the same time I was saving a bit of money and bought a restaurant named ‘Spargos’. If I had bought property I would have made more money. I was going to buy a $14,000 townhouse in Sydney today it would have been worth $1.5 million! Now and my restaurant isn’t worth anything near that much.

Working 7 days a week wasn’t fancy but I slowly built up from there. I developed the right niche and scaled up to a national company. I was really passionate about it but after doing it for so many years I got bored. So I gave the company ‘Results Marketing’ to my business partner Belinda and she moved it to Melbourne where the majority of our clients where based.

I went on to slowly buy more and more property all around Australia, discovering better and better strategies as I went along. I retired with a healthy portfolio of properties in my pocket.


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You retired with a good property portfolio under your belt yet you returned and started Positive Property Investment, what inspired you to do so?

After retiring at 37 I still invest in property, I also had a lot of fun partying but there was something missing.

I went to a cocktail party with Richard Branson and ended up having a dinner with Tim Ferris – author of 4 hours work week and we had a chat about what he was doing. His advice was to work on what you are passionate about that provides value to the world. I want to help others invest in real estate and become successful too.

I must admit it’s a lot more fulfilling when you are making positive change in people’s lives. The more you give the more you get.

I believe by helping our fellow Australians become more successful, our country will become better.

The first house is the hardest to get, the stats are shocking only 1 million Australian own 1 or 2 houses whereas over 5 million cannot afford their first house. 92.1 % of Australia are still stuck in  the rat race and don’t invest to property, and out of the 3 people who invest in property, 2/3rds don’t do it right and actually lose money while only 1/3rd of them have a positive cash flow properties.


The news always has something negative to say about property because negative news sells better. The average uneducated person will listen to it and won’t buy.

Initially I was a part of the 2/3rds who buy my properties and don’t exactly have the best strategy. As I got more property it became clear that I needed to figure out a way to make money every week. I knew there must be an easier way to buy property. After attending a lot of property seminars, I met a property entrepreneur Nick Harlock and learnt off him. I finally put it all together and created the steps to invest in property and make money. Now I and my students are a part of the 1/3rd.

I have been helping people for a long time and been in the field for 20 years and actively been mentoring people for the last 7 years. Then we created this new program the Positive Property Blueprint and launched that 2 years ago.



How did you gain your property investing knowledge?

I made more mistakes than anyone else. I tried different strategies and courses and every frustrating mistakes motivated me to find a better way. I spend quite a bit of money per year to research and understand the market. Because I actively help people invest in property it keeps me constantly updated. My method is into passive investing which works a lot better in long term compared to the active system.


What market do you operate in?

I operate Australia-wide, what I do is follow the 7 o’clock market in Australia. Sydney is at 11 o’clock at the moment and is very close to hitting its peak at 12. A lot of people are buying now because they saw people making money through property so they jump on the band wagon scared of missing out due to herd mentality. At 11 o’clock there isn’t a lot of room for growth which leads you to own a negative property.

At the bottom of the market is 6 o’clock this is when the massive property drop has happened. You can’t hit this exact time because it is hard to predict. So it is better to start investing at 7 o’clock when the market starts recovering with a full quarter of growth. It is reasonably priced and just about to enter the growth phase up to 8-12 years. This is the best time to buy property.

Meeting Richard Branson at a cocktail party


What are some of the factors that would affect the property market?

Looking at the average median sample property price in Australia, after every decade, they always doubles but if you don’t know what you are doing then you will lose money. You got to look at the market, job, population and infrastructure, lots of government spending and plenty of jobs surround the area. These factors drives the market and increases demand for property. It’s also very wise to have a mentor to guide you on the right path.


When it comes to property investing, would you say a lot of it comes down to the mental game?

Everything in life is a mental game. The news always has something negative to say about property because negative news sells better. The average uneducated person will listen to it and won’t buy.


I believe in controlling my destiny and big vision and goals really give people the energy to get through activities and help get you where you want to be.


When is the best time to invest in property?

You look at 70’s we had inflation, recession, all sorts of trouble and the media would say do not buy property. The median price in Adelaide back then was around 10,000 dollars. If you bought 10 houses in the 70’s imagine how rich you would be now. In the 80’s we had rising interest rates, recession, stock market crash, in the 90’s we had 11.5% unemployment yet property values still went up. The best time to buy property was 40 years ago. The next best time is right now!

This is one of the reasons why we started Positive Property Solution, to share the successful stories and our Positive Property Blueprint formula to help people invest in the right way. We have around 50 people enrolling in the program every year. Many were nervous but now their confidence level has grown.

One of our students, Mark, is a truck driver and he was working 7 days a week. The only time he could meet me was Sunday at 9am in the morning. He ended up doing the program and now he’s making $140 a week from his property this had such a positive effect on his life. It raised his confidence and even motivated him to get a better job.

Had dinner with Tim Ferris and discover my purpose to help people invest in property successfully


What is your vision for the future?

Currently I am spending more time on my fitness and health while aspiring to create 500 property millionaires. To get fulfilment out of life you need to give back to the community. It’s really important to have a goal that gets you out of bed every day.


What advice do you have for people new to the entrepreneurial world?

I believe entrepreneurship is the future of our state, a lot of people don’t understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. With entrepreneurship, bootstrapping is key, when I started this business I was already a millionaire but I just worked from home and met people at coffee shops. You have to make the business work to finance itself and build it in a bootstrapping sequence. The most important part of the business is getting clients in, then the rest will happen.

To learn more about what Positive Property Solution does, feel free to visit their website –https://positivepropertysolution.com.au/