Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Innovation & Entrepreneur Conference

High Net Investors. Venture Capitalist. Like-minded collaborators. Are these just fictitious people we one day hope to meet as entrepreneurs? People we would love to connect with, but seem more like mythical beings than tangible people? This is the reality for many entrepreneurs. We at Entrepreneur Story see this common problem among struggling startups, and have decided to make such a meeting, a reality. So in May 2016 we will be hosting the largest entrepreneurship expo in the Southern Hemisphere: the International Entrepreneurship Week 2017.


With exhibitors and speakers from all over the word including countries such as France, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Australia and Indonesia, we are creating the perfect environment for startups and investors to meet. Held over 7 days, the event will comprise of more than just an expo. It will consist of conferencing events for companies to pitch their service or product to a specific target audience, panel and keynote speakers, interviews, networking events, a charity day, and of course press conferences.


Covering the event will be Fajar group, MNC Indonesia along with invited channels such as: CNN, Forbes magazine, Bloomberg, and The Advertiser. Hosted in Makassar, the central point of Indonesia and located in the beautiful, Grand Clarion Hotel, making it easily accessible by anyone, anywhere in Indonesia.


So if you are in this position, or wish to check out the buzz, head to IEW2017.