Hi Nidal, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the son of migrant parents, we migrated to Australia in the mid-90s in search of a better life. Ever since I was a young kid I was always entrepreneurially-minded. I started my first business when I was 14 running lolly vending machines so I was always the kid with change rattling in my pocket. From a very young age I have always been interested in property with my first word as a child being “key” and my favourite pastime was visiting construction sites with my father. This passion led me to become the number one Consultant in Australia for a National ASX500 Listed Property Development Company. I was successful but not completely satisfied – I wanted to add more value to the clients I was working with so I decided to start my own business.

In 2014 I established Silvertail Property Group and now lead a team of 10 people as Managing Director. As the business’s leader, I play a key role in inspiring and motivating my team in the highly competitive property investment sector.


What inspired you to run your own business?

I got to a point where I had reached the top of my game and longed for an opportunity to step up and keep pushing myself, but there was no opportunity available where I was. One day, I was sitting in a display home and it occurred to me – why don’t I help people using the knowledge and skills I have gained? So I made the decision to take a leap of faith and start my own business, Silvertail Property Group. There has been a lot of stigma surrounding this industry in the past so I set up Silvertail to ensure the property investment journey is as simple and easy as possible for clients, and that they have someone they can trust to guide them on that journey. Silvertail was established in response to a growing need for quality guidance for everyday Australians wanting to increase their wealth by investing in property.

My biggest inspiration is my family. First and foremost, everything I do is for my family – to provide for them a life I used to dream of having. My passion in business comes down to being a catalyst for change. The big picture for Silvertail Property Group is to make a positive ripple effect in the world. We want to help people improve their lives financially by building a passive income through property.


So you just quit your job and started your own business?

Funny story – after I handed in my resignation, my wife revealed to me that she was pregnant with our first child. Not an ideal time to be quitting your job and starting your own business but this only drove me to work harder. In the beginning, I remember waking up many nights at 2am, having a panic attack thinking how will I support my new growing family while not having the security of an income? Questioning whether I had made the right decision? So I worked like a mad man knowing that the only thing I could control was how much effort I put into this business. I couldn’t control what result I got, but I knew if I worked hard then it would increase my chances of success.

My passion in business comes down to being a catalyst for change. The big picture for Silvertail Property Group is to make a positive ripple effect in the world. We want to help people improve their lives financially.

How did you start your business?

I started the business from my garage and bedroom. I have always been very adamant about building great relationships and forming strategic alliances because I feel this can make or break a person/business in Adelaide. So I set out to find relevant professionals that aligned with what I was trying to do.

By the second or third month I was getting more clients from referrals than I was getting from my own marketing. Plus I got to meet some really incredible people along the way. One of which is now a partner in my business.


What is your vision for Silvertail Property Group?

A lot of people will get a reality check when they get to retirement age. Superannuation won’t be the answer and a majority of the population going into retirement will not have enough money to live the life they wanted. Our mission is to impart knowledge of what we know about property and wealth management, offering our clients an end-to-end service that manages all the moving parts involved with building a successful property portfolio.

Even if they don’t end up using our service but we make a positive change in their lives by what we teach them, then we are fulfilling our vision. We want to be the catalyst for change and I genuinely believe if you do good, good will come back.


What is the Adelaide property market like?

When you compare us to the rest of the country we don’t have the same volatility and fluctuation so we tend to grow slowly but consistently. We are coming out of recovery at the moment and will be ready for another strong market ahead. We are very well positioned compared to the rest of the country – affordable and the best value for money. You can get reasonable priced properties close to the city whereas you won’t get that same value in Sydney or Melbourne.

I wasn’t born rich, I had to create my wealth through hard work, effort and by educating myself. Unfortunately not everyone sees the value in self education.

I think South Australia and Queensland have good potential over the next 5-8 years. Anyone who owned a property 10 years ago will be in a much better position now and the same goes for those who buy a property today. Of course you have to buy the right type of property in the right area – that’s where we come in, we guide our clients to build a portfolio of new, income producing properties that maximise tax benefits.


Do you have any investing advice for Gen Y?

First, you need to start with an end goal in mind – whether you want passive cash flow, growth, early retirement, building up nest eggs or tax savings. Then you need to know what financial state you are currently in, to find out what you can and can’t do. And finally, determine the path you need to follow in order to achieve your goals.

As an example, a Gen Y client will look at a different price range compared to a middle age married couple, simply due to what they can afford. This will influence the areas they can invest in and what strategy to engage. We take into account each client’s individual situation to narrow down the relevant options available that best suits their needs. We then take into account other important factors like the potential capital growth in the area and what the expected tax benefits are. We use all this information to devise the best investment strategy for them.

Basically we map out the whole journey from the time you say Hello to Silvertail Property Group to the time we Handover the keys to your investment property. We call this our ‘Hello to Handover’ proprietary system. There are a lot of steps to follow throughout this journey but we tell our clients not to get overwhelmed because it’s easy to get paralysis by over-analysis.

Silvertail has been set up to ensure the property investment journey is as simple and easy as possible. From site selection, finance approvals and valuations to conveyancing, depreciation schedules and more, we work with clients every step of the way. Our aim is to enable our clients to build a sizeable property portfolio instead of stopping after one. There are many advantages to investing in property, as long as you make the right choices.



To get in touch with Nidal, feel free to check out his website at www.silvertail.com.au