Can you tell us about this initiative?

The pub-crawl for Prostate Cancer is an event geared towards students and other young people to enjoy a fun night out and raise money for a great cause. Everyone simply purchases a wristband (to show nightclubs that they’re part of the event) and can then receive free entry, cheap drinks and a voucher from

the Skycity Adelaide Casino. People will save money by being part of the pub-crawl, and the money raised from wristband sales goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Tipsy Koala, a social-nightlife app is sponsoring the event, a helpful cross-promotion for both parties involved.


What motivated you to start this initiative?

The initiative for this year’s pub-crawl event was both the success of last year’s and the benefit it provided for charity. In 2015, I had the idea of creating a pub-crawl for my birthday as something a little different so everyone could have fun, but I didn’t want to profit from it. I wanted to create an event that people could enjoy, knowing that they’re a part of something that will help a good cause. 350 people attended last year and the money raised was donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation, thus helping to cure 40 blind people.

What kind of awareness do you aim to raise?

I know people who have been diagnosed with and are fighting prostate cancer. Through this event, I hope to honour them, make them proud and also raise awareness for future generations. Hopefully this would lead to the ultimate goal of finding a cure.


What work is involved behind the scenes?

Founding and co-ordinating this event has definitely taught me a few lessons relating to social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as a whole. I had to ‘walk before I could crawl,’ so to speak. Entrepreneurship is about learning things from doing, even if you have no idea about where to start. Even though it’s for charity, the event needed to be ‘pitched’ to sponsors, venues and people. Cold calling and emailing, marketing the event, and setting up distribution channels are all valuable skills to learn. To me, I can’t see why people wouldn’t want to be a part of it; it’s for charity, it saves people money (from free entry and drink specials) and it’s a really a fun night.
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If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact Michael Phillips on Facebook to see what packages are available.