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Entrepreneur Story Terms and Conditions
Welcome to Entrepreneurstory.com.au and services provided by Entrepreneur Story

Entrepreneurstory.com.au is an Internet service owned and operated by Entrepreneur Story. These terms govern your access and use of the Sites and its channel include mobile application, social media channel as well as the service we provide you. We along with our partners, advertises work together to provide content and service to you through our website and other channels that is all subjected under this terms and conditions. Your use of this website, other channels and our services tells us you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions, Basic Rules and Privacy Policy carefully since they are a binding contract between you and Entrepreneur Story, regarding your usage of the website, other channels and our services. If you do not agree with any of these terms and condition, please stop using our services, other channels and exit the Website. These terms and conditions govern your access and use of the sites on all platform whether it is from web browser, mobile device, non Brower application, email. "You" and "your" refer to you as the users of the Sites. "Entrepreneur Story", "we", "us" and "our" refer to Entrepreneur Story and our partners.

If you have any inquiry regarding our terms and conditions please contact us at contact.entrepreneurstory@gmail.com

The Website Content

1.1 All of the content, information and services displayed on our website are proceed under copy right and are the intellectual property of Entrepreneur Story, and its partners. The copy writing, rearrangement, broadcast, re writing of our publication by you in any medium whether it is directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited.

1.2 Any content that include our logo, trade marks is owned by Entrepreneur Story. Any logo, trade marks that is on our website that is belong to our partner is owned by our partner. You are not allow to use our logo, name and trade mark unless it is approve by us.

1.3 These content can be use by you for your personal and on commercial use. You can down load and print these content for your personal and non-commercial use. You are not allowed to republish our content on any internet site or put our content in any achieve or data base that is stored in electronic form on your computer or mobile devices unless granted permission by us. You are not allowed to copy, frame, sell, publish, reproduce, display or modify our content or any portion of our content without receiving permission from us.

1.4 If you want to use our content for other purpose that we did not stated in this paragraph then please send us an email to request such usage.

1.5 It is only through our partnership with sponsors and advertise that you have free access to our content. If you want access to this content for free, you agree that you will not permit any third party to remove, interfere and obstruct with the display and delivery of advertisement on our website.

1.6 You do not have permission to use framing technology and techniques or things on our website that we own trade mark to which include our name, text, images, logo or screen capture of part of our website without receiving our consent. You agree not to use software, virus or insert code to our website, other channels.

1.7 Entrepreneur Story respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that violate your copyright infringement by us or if any third party display your work on our website without your permission, please feel free to contact us at contact.entrepreneurstory@gmail.com
When contact us please identify the work that you claimed have infringed your copyright. Please remember to include the name of your organisation, your contact information.

2.0 Information our interviewee provide:

Our website distribute the content supplied by our interviewee. The Website is not responsible for the statement and opinion express by these interviewee. We will try our best to make sure the information being provided to you is accurate and relevant however It is the responsibility of the interviewed to provide us with accurate content, we don't guarantee the accuracy provided our interviewee.
We will make sure we source content that does not slander, insult, defame or violate the rights of others. However Entrepreneur Story and its employee are not liable for such content. If you spot such problems with our content please contact us immediately, we have the right to remove these information at any time.

3.0 User-Generated content: Comments

3.1 In order to provide our users an interactive experience, we provide them with the chance to comment on the content to release. In order to protect your privacy and safety, please use your judgement carefully when submitting information to our website. We strongly discourage you divulging personal identifiable information such as bank detail, personal/home phone number, house address, driver license detail, credit card detail. We have the right to edit, move or delete any submission at any time but we have no obligation to review or remove submissions.

3.2 When you post a comment to our content, you have to understand the fact that these content you provide are accurate and does not violate our privacy statement, basic rules and terms and conditions. You have to make sure your comment does not cause injury to any organisation or people. When you post comment, you have agree to grant us and our partners, advertise the right to use your comment for any purpose.

4.0 Subscriber

4.1 In order for you to get access to our newsletter, you have to subscribe to it. We will ask information from you such as your name, email address, age range, sex, occupation. It is up to you to choose whether to provide us with such information or not, however if you don't provide us with these information, you might not get access to our newsletters. When you subscribe and provide us with such information you have agree to provide accurately and honest information as well as grant us the right to use your information according to our Privacy Policy on our Website.

4.2 If you violate our terms and conditions, privacy statement and basic rules, we have the right to terminate your subscription to our new letters.

5.0 Security Rules

As a user of this website and our services you are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate our website, channels and services' security. You are not allow to try to get access to data that does not belong to you such as other subscriber's information. You are not allow to try testing our website, services and channel's security vulnerability. You are not allow to upload virus or mail ware to the website that can interfere and disrupt the use of other on our website, services and other channels. If any of these rules above are being violated then we have the right to take necessary action such as delete the comment or contact the law and give them the right information to aid in their investigation.

6.0 Email address

When you provide us with your email to subscribe to our newsletter, you have agree to given your permission to receive third party information from our partners and advertisers. By giving us your email, you have also given us the right to provide your information to our partners and advertisers who work with us.

7.0 Posting Rules

We design the website in order to encourage public opinion. There will be people with different opinion on different topics. When you choose to comment on our content, you will be participate in a community of users. When we deem any comment to be inappropriate, we will have the right to remove any content at any time. Below are the following guidelines for people who want to post and comment on our content, please do not post material that:
- Violate the right of Entrepreneur Story
- Violate the right of any third party partner of Entrepreneur Story
- Violate law, regulation
- Encourage the violation of law and rules
- Promote or advertise any services and goods that does not relate to the content
- Upload harmful virus and mail ware
- Threatening, defamatory, misleading, deceptive, exaggeration that affect the privacy right to our website and our third party partner.
- Interfere, disrupt , harm the website, its security and its service or network connected to our website.
- Contains profane, abuse, vulgar, hateful language, image that is intended to attack an organisation people, race, religion.
- Contain message that discriminate against race, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender.
- Include images, video or contents that encourage activities that deemed to be illegal or violate the right or others.
- Make derogatory or offensive comment about other individuals or repeat these posting of this same kind of message under different post
- Collect other user's personal data
- Upload or post copy right materials on the website with the owner's permission
- Store other users' personal data

If any of these rules above are being violated then we have the right to take necessary action such as delete the comment or contact the law and give them the right information to aid in their investigation.

8.0 International users

Our Website, other channels and services are being controlled by Entrepreneur Story. Entrepreneur Story is being run within Australia and follow Australian Laws. Entrepreneur Story makes no representation that any of our content or materials that is available on our website are available or appropriate to be use outside Australia and access to these contents and materials from areas, countries and territories where their contents are illegal is prohibited. When you access the website, other channels from location outside Australia, it is your responsibility to make sure your action obey and in compliant with that areas or territory or country's laws.

9.0 Update and modification to our terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions will be revised from time to time, in which case the version you view will be the most current version and the date of the latest revision will be identified at the beginning of this Terms and Conditions. If we add new services or features then we will post these changes in this policy. Use of information we collect now is subject to the Terms and Conditions in effect at the time such information is used. We will also post the changes on our webpage as well as notify you by email. We encourage you to review this page for the latest information on our privacy statement. A user is bound by any changes to the Terms and Conditions when he or she uses the Services after such changes have been first posted.

10.0 Communication with Third Parties through the use of our website and services

When you use our website, other channels and the services we provide, there will be third party other than Entrepreneur Story that want to interact with you. Your interaction and dealing with these third party, our partners, sponsors, advertisers is solely between you and that third party, we do not take any responsibility to the activities in which you participate in with these third party providers. Under no circumstance will Entrepreneur Story be liable for your interaction with third party providers. We advise you to understand these third party that you deal with as well as review their terms and conditions and privacy policy. If you want to make any complaint regarding these third party, you should send directly to these third party.

11.0 Disclaimer and Limitation on Liability

We do not provide guarantee that all goods and services you see on our website, channels and any third party sites is always available. We do not endorse these third party site as well as responsibly for these third party activities. Any activities you undertake with these third party or external services is solely your decision, we are not liable for your action.

When you use our website, other channels and our services your acknowledge that Entrepreneur Story will not be directly or indirectly liable or responsible for any loss, damage caused in connection with the usage and reliance on our content, services, your interaction with third party.

Entrepreneur Story do no provide the guarantee that the servers that our website use or the advertising program our third party provider use do not contain harmful component or free of viruses. Entrepreneur Story does not provide guarantee that our website will be operate in an error free or uninterrupted manner. The usage of our website, other channels and services is at your own risk. It is the user responsibility to fix, repair or maintenance their computer and mobiles devices.

In no event where Entrepreneur Story, its sponsors, partners, third party providers, advertisers, employees and directors will be liable for any damage or loss that the users incur when use our website, other channels and service or when they are unable to use it. All of these including but not limited to, pain, suffering, personal injury, emotional distress, los of profits, loss of revenues, health issues, loss of saving, loss of privacy, loss of business, loss of data.