Let us take a step back to be thankful for all that we have

Gratitude and appreciation are things many of us are taught early on in our lives. “Don’t go about wasting food, be grateful that you have food on your plate” is a classic dinnertime phrase mum lectured us with after complaining about having Brussels sprouts for dinner for the 3rd night in a row. Such sentiments were also expressed during the holidays in particular, when as a child we received socks as a Christmas present from uncle George or something similarly disappointing that our present adult selves would love. “At least our family had enough money to buy us presents!”, Our parents would exclaim in self-defence.

Although at the time it just seemed like exaggerated nagging, there was a sliver of truth in those proclamations. Many families don’t have the resources to consistently provide 3 meals a day for their members, much less so for presents during commercialized holidays such as Christmas and birthdays. It’s easy to miss the point our parents were trying to make, which was to make the most of what we had.

This can also be applied to the entrepreneurial process. Starting your own business is tough. You work endlessly with very little to show for it at first. Sometimes, you end up with nothing at all. It’s easy to become discouraged, thinking you’ll never achieve success if you are unable to raise money like everyone else could. Moving ahead certainly requires nerves of steel and a constant stream of self-motivation.

The good news is that sourcing this motivation is easy. That is, if you can be appreciative of your current situation and all that comes with it. This will seamlessly ease you into a positive mindset, which will change your thinking from one of deficit to one of abundance. List 10 things that you have in your life that you are thankful for. What do you have right now that you are not making the most of?

A similar approach can be taken towards people in our lives. The less you appreciate people, the quicker connections deteriorate. Relationships with other people are one of the greatest sources of personal life satisfaction and professional networks are a grand measure of one’s professional success. Are you nurturing them?

Today’s market requires a wide and diverse network to thrive in your chosen career. We cannot stress how vital mentors and peers are to professional growth and development, especially when you are running your own business. Compliment your colleagues on their achievements, thank them for their help and don’t hesitate to ask if they need anything from you in return. Remember than every successful person has had at least someone they knew who had encouraged and guided them throughout his or her journey. Foster and preserve these bridges, and then reap the benefits.

Every entrepreneur that the team at Entrepreneur Story has met or interviewed, has played a big part in making entrepreneur story come to where it is today. At Entrepreneur Story, we believe that appreciation touches the heart and never goes wasted and we have tried our best to express our appreciation in whatever way we could to whoever that helped us on our journey so far.

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From the Entrepreneur Story team along with Angelica Carvajal