Discover the key to thriving in life! Michael Johnson has an incredible journey to share about how he became Australia’s foremost transformational expert, The Mojo Master.

Hi Michael, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am the founder of The Mojo Master, The Entrepreneur Action Factory and Academy of Mind and Motivation. As far as life goes, it has been one long journey that I travelled. I was frequently punished at school and at home for low grades, bullied at school for being different and all I ever wanted was to be accepted for who I am. One of my teachers even said to me “Michael, you will get nowhere in life as you drag others down around you.” At the same time I had to deal with emotional and mental issues, plus dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Every day I would fight my inner demons. Throughout my teen years I contemplated suicide, and even attempted it when I was expelled from school at 15.

I didn’t know it then, but those experiences have been invaluable in helping me to become the person I am today. Now, I get to live the most amazing life, privately coaching some of the country’s top entrepreneurs and professional athletes, as well as helping tens of thousands of people realise and master their mindset and control their emotions. I help people to think about their lives in new, powerful and meaningful ways. I focus on helping people overcome barriers, listen to their internal thoughts, and bring out their inner strengths.

My experience has enabled me to deliver lasting results for literally thousands of people, ranging from top business leaders to champion athletes and sport teams on a national and global scale.

I feel blessed to have amazing family and friends in my life who support my work.  I also receive daily messages from Mojo community members from all over the world, whose stories inspire me to keep growing, learning, loving and just being myself.


“Look at our current society – most people have no idea what makes them come alive and thrive. They are in big debt, and are unhealthy and unfulfilled as they chase superficial success. Media and television often amplifies and drives people to this artificial reality.

Why would you want to fit in so desperately when most people are miserable or looking to escape?”

How did you create Mojo Master?

I wasn’t proud of the development of my first coaching business, as I found the branding rather boring and generic. I hate to be boring. I am all about energy, having fun, enjoying life, meeting amazing people, forming great friendships and saying it as it is. I want to make sure people feel energised, happy and fulfilled in life, as without these fundamental things life can become boring, unrewarding and almost worthless.

One day I rocked up at my friend’s house at 7 in the morning for a gym session after working all night. My energy was high and I was buzzing. He said “Only you can work all night and rock up to training with a crazy amount of energy!” He called me the “Mojo Dude”. The word Mojo stuck and after a few days, the Mojo Master was born.

Despite the name, occasionally, people have told me that they thought I was just another boring speaker, or hyped up motivation guru. But after my events, I continually receive messages about almost crazy and impossible life transformations people have experienced.

In fact, I hate being called a motivational speaker; motivation is what someone needs when they can’t be bothered and are unfulfilled in their actions. Inspiration is the energy that fills a person’s soul to make them want to pursue greatness in their own life. The Mojo Master is all about helping people become inspired.

Just think of it this way: at Christmas time, children are inspired to get out of bed. They have lots of energy, feel great and love what the day is about. This is inspiration. On the other hand, motivation is what children need when when it comes time to get out of bed and go to school. As adults, many people still struggle to get out of bed even thought they know they must do it.

Motivation is what is needed when someone lacks clarity around their goals, dreams, life values and life purpose. It’s like whipping a fatigued horse. It will move, but it isn’t going anywhere in a hurry and it will not win any races. Most people live their lives like a fatigued horse. They want to win the game of life but will not get anywhere fast due to their lack of clarity, and lack of mental and emotional alignment to their goals, dreams, mission and purpose. Most people only think about these things just before they die. It’s sad really, and a waste of a life trying to please others, worrying about what everyone else thinks of them, and not worrying enough about what they think of themselves with no real self understanding.


How did you gain the knowledge to become a transformational expert?

I have spent almost a million dollars studying from the world’s best experts and great achievers in the areas of health, mindset, motivation, practical psychology, neuroscience, quantum philosophy, business, communication and marketing. Remember, I was told that I was the dumb kid – I was even placed in special classes. But I knew I was better than what everyone had seen in me. I just found people who knew more than me and had a passion about what they were experts in, and learned from them. The more I learnt and grew my skillset, the more empowered I became within myself to do what I was born to do – which is empower people to live a fulfilled, happy and successful life.


“I build relationships not businesses. Once you build relationships, your business will grow and also last.”

Too many people with qualifications in the motivational speakers’ community are giving advice even when they themselves are unhealthy and psychologically unprepared. How can you expect to help someone when you can’t sort out your own issues? Our society places too much emphasis on the education system and the notion of a ‘qualification’ but the fact is, your qualification is your life. If a person is not a walking example of what they teach or what they advise, then they are really just as lost and unqualified as their clients. I know this is a little controversial, but It’s the truth.


What is unique about your coaching approach?

There are speakers out there believing that you should wake up feeling motivated and positive every day. The word ‘should’ is a guilt word. Each time someone uses the word ‘should’, it makes them feel guilty. Many coaches preach what others ‘should’ do and in reality they are making their clients feel guilty for what they haven’t got, or what they are not. This is not empowering.

I am not a fan of positive thinking or positive psychology. With the advances in quantum physics, we know that everything is made up of energy and energy comes in the form of waves. Waves have both a positive and a negative charge. Put simply, our brain also uses energy waves to complete circuits.  Therefore nothing in the universe can have a positive charge without a negative charge – there can’t be a positive thought without a negative one. I believe positive thinking just makes people feel guilty and stressed when they start to think or feel negatively.

I’m all about understanding powerful life principles that allow people to neutralise emotional states while keeping them empowered to follow their dreams.

At my events I tell people that there were days I felt tired and struggled to get out of bed. Those days are the best as they make you think about what you are thinking about, and reflect on what you are doing in life. Life is not meant to be easy, and there will be stages of pain and struggle and also stages of happiness and fulfilment.

Neuroscience currently shows that 95% of a person’s thoughts are the same as the day before. If your thoughts today are the same as yesterday, then your life will be the same as yesterday too. If you want to thrive in life you must grow and break out of your usual, old, predictable mindset. I mean think about it, most people you know are predictable in their actions, habits, successes and also failures. This is because they keep thinking the same (even when they think they are thinking differently), which means they keep experiencing the same past experiences over and over again. It may be bad relationships, money struggles, friendship or family issues etc, the same thinking always produces the same experiences, just in different forms.

A good coach will always push you to your limits to help you reach your true potential and also to help you find your true self. I purposely push people’s ‘buttons’ sometimes, in order to help them think differently or sometimes, just think. Some have called me names but years later, many of these people came back to me and say ‘thank you for pushing me’.


“I don’t know when my time will come, but I know I am living life to the fullest – can you say the same for yourself?”

Do you see many people with a clear purpose in life?

I remember talking to a very successful entrepreneur whose company was going IPO and was raising almost half a billion dollars. When I spoke to him he talked about his multi-million dollar collection of cars and his multi-million dollar house. Then I asked him, “what is your purpose in life, and what do you want to be remembered for?” His face turned pale and started tearing up while telling me that he got everything he ever wanted superficially, yet he was still miserable. His wife wanted to leave him, and his kids hated his guts and hardly spoke to him because he missed all of their school sporting events. He informed me that he had been contemplating suicide to end his pain and hollowness.

I never take a person based on their superficial success. I take them for who they truly are as a person and how well they know themselves. Anyone can make a lot of money – many even use immoral or illegal methods. Some get away with it and some don’t. There are many business people out there living everyday feeling unsafe as they spend every last cent they have, trying to show others how successful they are and trying to prove their worth in the world. In reality, they are only ever trying to prove their own worth to themselves.

Money, power, fame etc. never makes a person feel worthy for longer than a few weeks. This is why many have an addiction to the next big buy or the next big win, as they are looking to fill their internal voids with something outside of themselves. It never last though. Again, the same thinking keeps many on the merry go round of feeling unfulfilled, not good enough, not smart enough, not successful enough etc. I just hope that they realise how crazy this way of thinking is before it is too late. I watched the strongest man in my life who I used to look up to (My Grandfather) spend the last few weeks of his life crying as he wasted his whole life following the delusional rules of society, trying to fit in and do everything right by everyone else yet giving up on his own dreams and self worth. Is that the life you want to live?


Brings back memories from the past Mojo Events


Many won’t even think about what their life purpose is, what they value in life and if they are living it daily, until a massive crisis wakes them up. Many people often do things without thinking of the reason, or of the consequences of their actions, thoughts and feelings.

A great number of people in the western world believe life is about owning expensive things, not realising that the fantasy of owning something is far more exciting than actually having it. When you get the house and car you have always wanted, your excitement will die down very quickly and then you will want a bigger house and better car, which further fuels the cycle of feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and ungrateful.


How to live a life worth living?

Look at our current society – most people are in big debt, living an unhealthy lifestyle which is partially due to the fact that mental and emotional problems are being amplified by the fake social media reality. Why would you want to fit in so desperately? Why not do and think differently to have a better life?

“Once I found my own self-worth, and mastered and understood my inner voice, it became louder than the external poisonous whispers that were trying to tell me how unworthy I am.”


The first part is to start questioning “what is my purpose in life”, “what am I really here for” and “What do I value most in my life”? Then ask: “Am I living these daily?”

In your last moments, do you want to be remembered as someone who has made lots of money and owned expensive stuff, but were unhappy, unfulfilled or miserable and grumpy every day? Or do you want to have precious memories shared with those you love, the people who stood beside you when your world came crashing down, and be remembered for the empowering impact you brought to the world?

I personally don’t know when my time will come. I do know that each day I am closer to the end, which is why I make sure I am living my life to the fullest, doing what I love with those I love.


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