What common problems do you see happening in the business world?

Avoidance of reality

Many sell their dreams chasing money and living in the same tedious life every day, hoping for change, holidays or retirement. Many use medical drugs, alcohol, food, television, other peoples’ drama or recreational drugs to escape from the reality they found themselves in. Most keep themselves busy because they don’t want spare time to think about what they are doing that keeps them feeling trapped and unfulfilled. They are terrified to face their own truth and maybe their own greatness.

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Owning expensive things to impress people who don’t even care about you, just to prove your own worth.

There’s this big misconception that once you own expensive things, or are “ successful” then everyone will love you. This could not be further from the truth. There will be those around you who want you to succeed and those who want you to fail. There will be even more who want you to be ordinary, as it stops them from having to look at themselves in the mirror and realise their own full potential in life.


Shoving business cards in people’s faces

These days I avoid many networking events as I have found that many networking events are full of people that can’t network. A fair portion of those attending networking events spend more time handing out business cards than they do on building relationships. Great networkers build relationships.

To be honest, these days I rarely carry business cards. If I have built a good relationship with someone and want to find out more, I will exchange numbers and then go out for lunch and coffee with them. This is how I get to meet and build friendships with some of the top achievers in the world.

The more successful you become in what you do, the more people will come to you because they want something from you. Rarely does anyone want to get to know you and rarely does anyone come to help or give to you without a hidden agenda. However, I rarely go into a relationship wanting something from someone. This is why I have some of the country’s top athletes and entrepreneurs come to me for private coaching or mentoring, as I do not want anything from them, nor do I care about their status or money. I am there to help them and they realise that after a few minutes talking to me. There have been many people with large sums of money who have tried to hire me, but if someone is not in the right place for coaching, I fire them as clients, until they are ready.

I have a rule for business that I rarely break :“I only do business with friends”. If I would not have a person over to my house for dinner, or introduce them to my friendship circle, then I do not want to do business with them as I do not trust them or their intentions. Every time I have broken this rule I have paid the price with my sanity, sleep patterns and also my energy.

If a person thinks of the Adelaide business market as having a blocked and old mentality then it will limit their potential and also success.

What advice do you give to people who want to thrive in life?

Know Thyself

All major philosophies since ancient times have one key theme: Know Thyself.

If you don’t know yourself, your values, your life purpose, your mission and your goals, then how will you ever have the clarity to create it? All the expensive possessions in the world won’t make you feel any better. I feel success when I am connected to my values, mission and life purpose. My goals are just tools that keep me growing as a person, as if you do not have empowering reasons to grow, then you will be forced to grow by pain and suffering.

Most people try to control the external environment instead of learning how to control and understand themselves and their internal mental and emotional world: “The external world is a direct reflection of our internal thoughts, feelings and intentions”.

Some even get angry when it rains. Why get frustrated for what you cannot control? Control your internal environment and every day will be an amazing day, as you will learn it will either be an empowering day or a learning day. Usually we learn the most in the times when we are down, confused, lost or unhappy.

I used to be interested in fast cars and looking rich, yet was always short on cash because of it. Each week I struggled financially which made me feel unsafe and stressed. Once I found my own self-worth and mastered and understood my inner voice, then I began to create even greater success.  I made sure my internal self talk became louder than the external poisonous whispers that were trying to tell me how unworthy I was.

When you truly make it, you don’t have to prove yourself.

My friend Bradly Smith who won Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Australian of the Year, 4x Retail Business of the Year winner, 2x Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of Braaap Motorcycles as well as being the youngest person to be an advisor to the reserve bank of Australia, once said “I would rather be rich than look rich”. Those words stuck with me. You will consistently see brad rocking up to high calibre business meetings in Jeans and a t-shirt, sitting in a room full of people dressed up trying to look the part. Brad couldn’t care less about proving anything because he knows who he is.

“You will never outsmart yourself. You can look rich on the outside yet feel poor on the inside. What you feel on the inside is what you will always be, unless you change the way you feel about yourself.”


Stop beating yourself up

Many are full of self-doubts and beat themselves up. Most people would hate it if someone else told them how unworthy and worthless they were. Yet, in reality, most people abuse themselves far worse than anyone else would ever abuse them.


Neuroscience shows that 95% of our thoughts are the same as the day before. If your thoughts are the same as yesterday then your life will be, too. If you want to thrive you must grow and break out of your old way of thinking and be clear with exactly who you are and have absolute clarity around your goals.

In life you don’t get what you want, you get who you are.

Your external world is a direct reflection of you who are on the inside at any point in time. People with a lot of hatred inside, see hatred everywhere in the world.

If you believe you are successful and happy, then your external world will reflect that.

The fastest way to discover yourself is by looking at your results in all areas of your life including your heath, intimate relationship, business, finances, friendships, mental and emotional states etc. If your life is not where you want it to be, you must change your old thinking before you will see results. For some this happens naturally, yet the majority will struggle to create internal changes on their own without the right advice and guidance. This is why most people keep creating the same patterns in their life over and over again or continue to self sabotage. It is not usually that the right tools are unavailable to them; it is just that where the mind goes, the body and results will follow.

Change your mind, change your results.


Work with friends

I wouldn’t work with anyone who I wouldn’t classify as friend. Other people might make you a lot of money, but they will also sap your energy and drain you completely.

Form genuine connections

Many are in a rush because they feel like they haven’t got ‘enough’ yet, and they are trying everything to get their business growing fast. However, they will often treat people without appreciation. They will try to take what you have. After you are no longer useful to them, they will jump onto someone else.

I go into forming relationships because I enjoy being around good people. Never once have I asked for anything from my friends without first building a relationship with them. I have a few friends who have a net worth of 100 million dollars and one who is well on the way to becoming a billionaire. When we first met, they asked what I wanted. When I told them I didn’t want anything, I just wanted to get to know them, they were surprised and kept their barriers high for a while. Over time we have built amazing relationships and they are some of my closest friends and come over to my house and hang out in their track pants and tank tops while eating pizza. It’s all about relationships.


How important is it to live a balanced life?

Many highly successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs hire me as a performance coach because they understand that the success or the failure of their whole business comes down to the ability of the leader to make clear and precise decisions. They demand results from me and do not want someone who understands the theory but lacks the practical experience to get the results they want. I tell my clients they will never demand any more from me than what I demand from myself. My clients and their results are my responsibility and I take that very seriously. This is life we are talking about.

I believe too many people take the things that happen to them in life way too seriously but do not take life seriously enough. Each day we are a day closer to the end, yet many waste it doing something that does not fulfil them, or spend their time trying to prove their worth to others hoping that one day they will miraculously stumble upon what they have been ‘missing’ in their lives. It’s kind or ridiculous leaving life to chance. This is why I spend so much time teaching people who to find themselves. Once people know exactly who they are and what they were born to do in life, they become almost indestructible.


You would hate it when someone else tells you how unworthy you are. Yet, in reality, you are the one who abuses yourself the most.

I recently checked up on a multi millionaire entrepreneur I’ve been working with for around 6 months. When I called him, he was watering his lawn and hadn’t worked in his business for 3 weeks. When I asked him how business was going he said it had grown by over 400% since working with me and that in December they just broke the sales record yet December was usually the lowest month in sales. When I asked him what had changed to create such a dramatic shift in his business, he stated “ when I become empowered, my team become empowered. When I have clarity my team have clarity and when I have trust in myself, my team trust me.”

He said that his team do better when he isn’t in the office these days, and now he spends more time with his family, friends and traveling.


What advice do you give to people who want to build a great business?

What are you prepared to give up?

Most don’t want to give up their lifestyle or step outside of their comfort zone to reach their vision. It is not what you are prepared to do, it is what you are prepared to give up that matters. In saying that though, you should never give up your values or forget your life purpose.


Appreciate your team

Best advice I was given was always hire people smarter than you. A leader’s job is to create a clear vision and a super culture that attracts high performers and the right people.

Last year I offered one of the best young marketers I have come across the same wage he was already getting in his current job and showed him my vision and what he was going to be part of. He left his job that day and has been an amazing contribution to our team ever since.


Most keep themselves busy because they don’t want spare time to think about what they are doing in their life. They are terrified to face the reality.

Most believe Adelaide market is conservative, what is your view on this?

It is a lot harder to do things here because it is a smaller market, but you can still thrive here. Thousands of SA business owners complain how hard it is and believe that there are hardly any successful entrepreneurs in Adelaide. Are you kidding me? I hang out with amazing entrepreneurs all the time.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t have the mindset that Adelaide market is conservative. I will agree that Adelaide may be harder than some other places to start a business, but that challenge only makes the business owner stronger and better at their art.

When I started coaching and speaking, all my interstate friends told me to move interstate as it was easier. They said it would be impossible from Adelaide. At first, many of my interstate friends had rapid growth in their businesses and I seemed to be standing still, even though I was working my butt off. Over the years though, I built a business tool kit that would allow me to succeed in any market. Now that the market is changing in my industry, other businesses are getting left behind whereas we are growing fast.

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My industry is also flooded with coaches, mostly having to downsize their businesses and go online while we are still running live events and grew by 700% last year. Our business is growing from Adelaide as we have less overheads and operations costs than most other States.

I have been the underdog, coming out of nowhere and making waves. Lots of the tops experts in my field have been watching what I do and am now being asked to speak all over the world with the best of the best. I’ve also interviewed some amazing people on my Podcast, called The Mojo Master Podcast, which went to number 1 on iTunes late last year.


I always say “I don’t go to the gym to lift light weights and do what is easy. I want to grow stronger. Why would I want to take the easy path in business? I want to build something that is strong and agile. I want it to last, not just get to the top quick and fall apart like many businesses. I want to be prepared for anything and know we have overcome some of the biggest hurdles and that we can continue to do so.”


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